Email Money Transfers

What is an email money transfer?

An email money transfer is the quickest and most secure way to send money online.

How They Work

First login to your bank account online. Most banks will have a link for e-mail money transfers normally called "e-transfer" or it could be just under transfers.
They will ask you the amount you wish to send & the e-mail address of the person you are sending it too, in this case you are sending the money to They may ask you for the persons name (David Gough) & if you wish to save it for the future.

Place your order & select cheque/money order/ e-transfer.

Then send the funds, we will receive an e-mail from your bank stating a transfer is complete. We will then process the order.

Remember this service is only available through Canadian banks at this time. Please see the payment option page for a list of banks that allow the e-mail money transfer. Please check with your bank as some now will charge you for the service. Goughsports is not responsible for these charges. Please note on credits most for Canadian Banks the amount has to be over $10.00 to send the money back. If a credit results in less then $10.00 a Voucher will be issued on your account.