New NFL Kickoff Rule Proposal

Recently the NFL has been working toward eliminating the kickoff.

My immediate feeling after hearing the news that the NFL wants to make the punt safer, and that the NFL has appealed to fans for ideas. If the punt replaces the kickoff the NFL needs to check all reasonable efforts to improve the play.

Currently the kickoff is on a year-to-year arrangement, and in any given year the kickoff can be replaced by the fourth-and-15 play. And the fourth-and-15 play has plenty of potential, even though many don't agree.

But that’s why this process is unfolding slowly. The NFL knows that it can’t suddenly dump the kickoff. Fans need to be ready for it. Ideally, fans need to want it.

Even though making the game safer a play that can never be removed from the sport, the punt, has plenty to do with the possibility that this play will become even more important, since it eventually will be used a lot more.