New CFL team in Halifax, Nova Scotia

There has been quite a bit of talk about creating a new CFL team in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I live just outside of Halifax so I get to hear about on the news everyday.  Not really sure if it is making the national news or not yet but here it is pretty big stuff.In order to create a team here we first need someone to bankroll a team and even bigger we need a stadium for them to play in. 

So far the 2 Levels of Government here (Halifax, and the Prov)  have booth said they did not want to pay for it.  There is a group of business people who have seriously expressed interest in forming the new team (BTW that would make a even 10 teams if it happens).  As well they have indicated that they would try to build a stadium using private money using the same model as Ottawa used in Lansdown Field.  This would be a stadium, retail and apartments all in one.


Today (Feb 23 2018) the CFL Commissioner Randy Ambrosie was in Halifax for an "Atlantic Town Hall", Note Halifax was the only City in Canada he visited that currently does not have a CFL Franchise.  This I think is a great sign.  After listening to all the parties involved I come away with a very positive feeling.  I hope you do as well.