CFL Fan Collectibles

Are you having a hard time finding Licensed collectibles and apparel for your CFL team?  You are not alone, many people contact me and ask about CFL items. As with any licensed products, there are only so many companies that have the rights to produce Licensed Sports items. 

From the beginning my goal has been to source only licensed sports collectibles and make them available at reasonable prices.  I like to think I have done that. The CFL is my most popular sport as not many places offer them.  As such I am always on the hunt for new CFL items to share with you. 

If you are looking for something that you don't see here on my web site, shot me an email, I would love the opportunity to find new items.  I too am a CFL fan.

Living in Nova Scotia I am glued to the TV to see if we are going to get a CFL team down here. I don't mind traveling to Ontario to see a game but it would be really cool if we had a stadium here. I would definitely be a season ticket holder.  Fingers crossed.