Canadian CFL Apparel Company will stop producing CFL Products

Posted by David Gough on

SOGO is an apparel company that currently has the license to produce Licensed CFL products.  We purchase Hats, t-shirts, xmas stockings, Santa Hats and scarves and mittens from them.

Every once and a while companies don't renew contracts and therefore stop producing products.  This happened to Wincraft in the US a few years ago. They had the license to produce License Plates, decals, keychains and more for the CFL.  This line is currently unavailable which sucks.

What does this have to do you with you?  Well as these companies drop off that makes CFL licensed products harder to come by, which could also affect the price, causing prices to rise.

The CFL line we have is our largest category and we are always on the hunt for new and exciting CFL licensed Products for you while trying to keep the prices low.

I feel the the CFL is a popular sport and that more companies will step up and produce licensed CFL products in the future..


Fingers Crossed

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